PHG Multimedia is primarily a video production entity. Never before since the 
advent of video tape can your message be presented on so many venues and reach such a HUGE potential audience. Let us help you create and deliver your message.

OUTLINE-  Following  an initial meeting and follow up interviews we provide an 
outline of the project's major points and intended media content .

SCRIPTINGOnce the content and placement of each item in the outline is finalized the scripting process begins. This includes the narration, on camera verbiage, type of music score if needed and a brief description
of visuals ( video, stills, graphics or animation ).

STORY BOARDING- This is  a series of sketches of key visual points and how they tie in with the script. This is not 
only a good way for everybody to comprehend the final production look and content but this also cuts time and 
production costs.

VOICE OVER- Once the script and story board are finalized and approved the voice over is recorded and edited 
at a state of the art digital audio studio. Also licensed music scores are selected and mixed in as needed. Over the 
past 15 years we have utilized the award winning studios of Accessible Sound ( pictured ) to achieve this goal.

PRODUCTION-On location HD video recording is scheduled with the video scenes captured to include on camera 
talent segments.

POST PRODUCTION- Non linear, full digital editing is used to incorporate all of the above components into the finished production. Video files can be delivered via CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, web based or personal device.

         Video Production - Streaming - Broadcast  - Live Events - Storyboarding - Scripting - Post Production 
PHG Multimedia